Integrate GLPi Asset Management and ITSM with Third Party Software


Authentication and SSO

Microsoft AD and Azure AD

Oauth, Google Auth

SecureAuth SSO



Employee User Data

Microsoft AD

HRMS Tools

Cloud HR Tools
Inventory and Assets

Microsoft SCCM

Microsoft Intune

Kaseya Asset Too


Customer Management


Open Source CRM

Billing and Invoicing   


 Workflow and Automation

Ansible AWX, Tower

Jenkins, Chef, Puppet

Github, Bitbucket 


Alerting Incidents





Business Intelligence Reports

Metabase, Tableau, Qlikview

Business Intelligence Tools

Jaspersoft, Pentaho


Monitoring and Performance

Prometheus, Grafana

Zabbix, Nagios



Typical deployments of GLPi Asset Management and ITSM software have to interact with other third party tools that are found commonly in customer IT environments. These could be any of the following

  • Other IT infrastructure management tools
  • Employee and User data management tools
  • Customer and CRM related tools
  • Workflow and Process automation tools
  • DevOps and SysOps software tool chain
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence tools
  • Monitoring and Incident Management tools
  • Other IT Service Management components and related software

 Hence there is a business need to integrate GLPi with such eco-system software and ensure smooth exchange of data between GLPi and other third party tools.


Methods of Integration

GLPi offers several methods of integration based on the readiness of the third party software that needs to talk to GLPi

  • Integration using APIs, Webservices and Webhooks
  • Integration using Email messages
  • Integration using direct linkages to the backend database of third party software
  • Integration using export import of data files stored in specific locations and folders

The choice of an integration method will depend on additional factors such as Security, Scalability and complexity of work involved.


Integration Services from Altnix

Altnix has implemented several projects where there are multiple integration between GLPi and  a third party software.

Pleaes contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that our team of experts can help evaluate the best technical solution for your specific business needs.