Grafana Features



  • Monitor and keep track of the progress or quality of your IT environment.
  • Diagnose failures and identify the source 


  • A culture of being data-driven/data-informed
  • Whitebox monitoring
  • Application metrics
  • Something you have to build into your system




Whitebox Monitoring

  • Detect failures quickly
  • Be able to debug why it failed
  • Future trends
  • Detect future problems
  • Capacity planning  


  • Monitor symptoms. Not causes.
  • Throughput (Rate)
  • Number of errors (Errors)
  • Performance (Duration)
  • Based on: Google's Four Golden Signals and R.E.D

 Know when stuff fails



Monitoring MySQL - Metrics to alert on

  • APIs for Third-party NMS Integrations
  • Manager of Manager (MoM) Functionality
  • Integration with Ticketing and ITSM Tools
  • North Bound and South Bound APIs


  • Connections
  • Query Latency/Run Time
  • Query Errors
  • Slow Queries

Monitoring MySQL



Application Metrics

  • Measure the user experience
  • Communicate with Graphs and Metrics



Altnix Advantage


Grafana Business Analysis and Architecture Design

Altnix provides business analysis and architecture design for Grafana and related products around end to end IT infrastructure monitoring. Grafana architecture design includes the following:

  • In-Depth Analysis of your monitoring requirements and scope study

  • Hardware Sizing Guidelines and choice of physical versus virtual hardware

  • Integration with other Enterprise tools and business processes such as Ticketing System, ERP tools, Databases, Process Management tools

  • Solution Design Document that can be handed over to engineers for implementation

Grafana Implementation and Deployment

Altnix will implement Grafana based monitoring solutions keeping in mind the business requirements. Implementation includes the following:

  • Hardware Readiness and Preparation

  • Test and development Phase

  • UAT sign off after consultation with the customer

  • Production Implementation and Go Live

  • Warranty Support Period Included

Grafana Dashboard Customization

Altnix will customize your Grafana installation so that it is a better fit for your business environment.

  • Adding new Dashboards in Grafana

  • Creating new visualizations and dashboards as per customer needs

  • Creating Charts as per customer needs

  • Adding new monitoring scripts, plug-ins and components if needed

  • Creating new reports from Dashboards and Widgets

Third-Party Integration

Altnix will integrate Grafana with other third-party tools to meet several business use cases.

  • Monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Zabbix, Nagios and OpenNMS

  • Network Management and Orchestrator tools such as HP NNM and Spiceworks

  • ITSM Tools such as Service Now, HPSM, OTRS, GLPI, and other open-source ticketing tools

24x7 AMC Support Services

Altnix offers 24x7 support services on an AMC or per hour basis for new or existing installations on Grafana. Our team of experts are available round the clock and respond to you within a pre-defined SLA.

Case Studies


Knute Weicke

Security Head, IT

Fellowes Inc, USA



Altnix was an instrumental partner in two phases of our Security ISO needs. The first being a comprehensive developed Service/Ticketing system for our global offices. The second being that of an Asset Management tool that ties all assets into our Ticketing systems to close a gap that we had in that category. They are strong partners in working towards a viable solution for our needs



The Altnix team was very easy to work with and resolved our needs in a timely manner.  Working with Altnix, allowed us to focus on our core business while they handled the technical components to help streamline our business tools.  We have found a strategic partner in Altnix



Johnnie Rucker

General Manager

Encore Global Solutions, USA



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