OpenNMS Horizon and Meridian Training Courses

Altnix offers Training Course on OpenNMS opensource monitoring tool for both Horizon and Meridian versions of the distribution. All our training courses are live and conducted by an instructor using on-line web conference tools such as Webex. You can also opt for an in-person training at your office premises if need be. The courses are a combination of lectures and hands on lab exercises for attendees. After completing the training, the attendees will be ready for doing a complete project implementation.


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Altnix offers following training courses of OpenNMS Monitoring tool.

 Course ID and Course Name  Price Per Attendee  Upcoming Class Schedule

 Course ID 34101: OpenNMS Basic Administrator Training

Basic Administrator training on OpenNMS will enable you to build a monitoring infrastructure for Servers and Network Devices.

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 USD 1250

May 20,21,22

June 10,11,12

 Course ID 34102:  OpenNMS Advanced Administrator Training

Advanced Administrator training on OpenNMS will enable you to build an end to end IT infrastructure monitoring for Servers, Network, Databases and Applications, Data Center Equipment, and Integrate with third party software for complete solution.

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USD 2450

May 27 28

June 17,18

 Course ID 34103: OpenNMS Expert Implementation Training

Expert Implementation Training is advanced users who already know OpenNMS administration very well. This Training is geared for attendees who want to learn system integration and scalability concepts in OpenNMS such as 3rd party tool Integrations, Customization, Large Scale deployments, Manager or Manager functionality and High Availability Considerations.

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Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus for OpenNMS Administration Training – Basic Course
 Duration of the Course:

 3 Days

 Mode of Delivery:

 In Person or Live On-Line

 Course Content:



 Topics Covered


OpenNMS Installation

Installation Pre-Requisites


Installation Process


Native Install on Linux


Database Options


OpenNMS Basics

Overall OpenNMS Architecture


Basic Approach to Configuration in OpenNMS


Monitoring Engine Overview



Concepts on Provisioning


Basic Provisioning


Advanced Provisioning


Discovery in OpenNMS


 Monitoring Linux Machines

Using SNMP to Monitor Linux Machines


RAM, CPU, Processes, and Disk Space Monitoring


 Monitoring Windows Machines

Using SNMP for Windows Monitoring


RAM, CPU, Processes, and Disk Space Monitoring


 Monitoring Network Devices

Using Basic SNMP for Network monitoring


Router, Switches, Firewall and Storage Devices


Performance Charts, Graphs and Dashboards

Using Graphs in OpenNMS


Simple Dashboards in OpenNMS


Using Surveillance Screen in OpenNMS


Service Monitors

Service Monitors Overview


Service Monitor Configuration


Types of Service Monitors Supported in OpenNMS


Performance Management

Collection Configurations


Using Shell Commands for Collectors


Types of Collectors Supported in OpenNMS


Event Management

Events Overvew


Events Bus


Types of Event Sources


Events Management


Alarm Management

Alarms Overview


Alarms Configuration


Alarms Management


 Alerts, Notifications and Escalations

Defining Escalation flow for issues in OpenNMS


Defining Thresholds in OpenNMS


Notifications Management


on-Screen Alerts


Topology Maps

Network Status Map


World Map Component


Topology Map


Troubleshooting Tips

General Troubleshooting tips


 Backup and Restore

Creating Backups for OpenNMS


Restoring OpenNMS from an old Backup


 Hands On Lab Exercises

Using Multiple Labs throughout the course, Attendees will build a fully functional OpenNMS monitoring prototype




Hands on Lab Exercises

All our training course use hands on lab exercises for more efficient learning. Altnix will setup machines in our lab for attendees to follow the course contents.


Customized Training

Customers already using OpenNMS may need customized training on specialized topics of interest. In such cases, Altnix can provide custom training courses based on your requirements. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a custom training session.


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Please contact our training team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and on the phone please call +1-800-913-5553 or +91-70-4524-1620

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