Process Management in ((OTRS)) Community Edition

The Process Management in ((OTRS)) Community Edition can be used for managing workflows in an organization including approval processes, tracking processes and coordination between different departments of an organization. Altnix team of experts can design new processes in ((OTRS)) Community Edition and implement different types of processes involving customers and internal employees. Altnix provides consulting, implementation and support services for Process Management in ((OTRS)) Community Edition.

((OTRS)) Community Edition Consulting Services starts at $30 per hour. For more details  Contact Us

Workflow Design and Process Definition

The first step in designing a new process is to create clear workflows for your processes. This includes process flow, task handover, decision points, escalations, notifications and list of tasks performed at each process step.

Figure 1 shows an example of a simple process involving a new employee joining the organization.



Videon on Process Management in ((OTRS)) Community Edition


Converting to a Process in ((OTRS)) Community Edition

Once a basic workflow is created, the next step is to create an equivalent process in ((OTRS)) Community Edition. The following elements are used in ((OTRS)) Community Edition process management module.

  • Activity: Any interaction with an user in ((OTRS)) Community Edition is called as an Activity
  • Activity Dialog: Activity Dialog is basically a Form that can exchange information with the user using Form elements such as Text Box, Radio Buttons, Pull Down Menus etc
  • Transitions: Transitions are the workflow logic that defines the flow from one activity to another based on business process mapping
  • Transition Actions: Transition actions are tasks defined at the backend of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition system such a ticket handling, agent ownership, notifications, escalations etc. Transition Actions usually are mapped to a particular transition.

Figure 2 shows the equivalent process in ((OTRS)) Community Edition that has been created to match the business process logic of Figure 1.


Publishing Process to End Users

A process is first defined as a process template inside ((OTRS)) Community Edition. This template can then be published to users. Once it is published as a template, end users can start using this template and start a new process ticket.

((OTRS)) Community Edition allows you to send notifications to all users participating in a process so that all process tickets are acted upon in a prompt manner.

Note that OTRS allows you to specify which users can have access to the process management feature.

Consulting and Implementation of Process Management in ((OTRS)) Community Edition

Altnix provides consulting and implementation on process management in ((OTRS)) Community Edition. This includes workflow definition, converting workflows to a process in ((OTRS)) Community Edition, implementing this process in ((OTRS)) Community Edition and training to end users and administrators on how to use the new processes in ((OTRS)) Community Edition.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or or +1-800-913-5553 or +91-70-4524-1620 or +91-88-9800-8789


Disclaimer: OTRS is a registered trademark that belongs to OTRS AG Germany. Altnix does not make any claims on trademarks related to OTRS.

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