Supporting Multiple Customers with Multi-Tenancy on ((OTRS)) Community Edition

((OTRS)) Community Edition support multi-tenancy features for handling scenarios such as MSPs, Call Centers and Support groups that need to cater to multiple customers. ((OTRS)) Community Edition is flexible that allows a high level of customizations for addressing several use cases around multi-tenancy. Within a single ((OTRS)) Community Edition instance you can now define different service catalogs, customer specific support team and access permissions.

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((OTRS)) Community Edition provides both Help Desk and ITSM feature set that can be used in Mult-tenant scenarios. ((OTRS)) Community Edition allows easy mapping of service catalogue groups to a set of customers and a set of support teams. This basic concept allows administrators to use a single ((OTRS)) Community Edition instance for multiple customers.






Customer Specific Branding

((OTRS)) Community Edition allows you to create different support URLs for different customers. Each customer login screen can be customized for branding, theme and logo such that each customer login looks different.

Multiple Support Team Structure

Each customer can have his own dedicated support team. Based on customer business support processes, all support agents can be mapped to different roles and services that they are responsible to support. Multiple levels of support agents such as L1, L2 and L3, Supervisor and Manager can be defined in OTRS 5.

Customer Variable SLA

Quite often, different customers will sign up for different service levels. A Gold customer may expect faster response times than a Bronze customers. You can define, enforce and measure service level agreements (SLA) with a complete service catalog and SLA management framework inside ((OTRS)) Community Edition. Additionally, SLA can be defined that takes in account world time zones, business hours definitions and holiday calendars.

Multiple Email Domains

With ((OTRS )) Community Edition, you can setup multiple support email Ids for communications with end customers such that different companies see different email Ids. This keeps the email communication threads of one customer completely independent of another customer. The mail addresses can belong to different customer companies.

Multiple Active Directory Lookup

For agent and user authentication, ((OTRS)) Community Edition support active directory (AD) lookup and LDAP lookup. In multi-tenancy scenarios, ((OTRS)) Community Edition support multiple Active Directory lookup for authentication.

Access Control Permissions

((OTRS)) Community Edition provides coarse and fine access control to different features, queues and service defined for customers and agents. Using this access control framework, it is possible to restrict access to a certain set of services for a certain set of customer users. Likewise, it is possible to map agent user permissions to set of customers and subset of services within a service catalogue.

((OTRS)) Community Edition Multi-tenancy Implementation from Altnix

Altnix has expertise in implementing multi-tenancy inside ((OTRS)) Community Edition . Altnix can completely customize ((OTRS)) Community Edition as per your business needs for complex multi-tenancy scenarios.

24x7 Support for ((OTRS)) Community Edition

Altnix offers 24x7 anytime, anywhere support for ((OTRS)) Community Edition. Our team of experts can support your ((OTRS)) Community Edition on an annual maintenance contract (AMC) basis.
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