Nagios Log Server Consulting

Altnix offers consulting, implementation, customization and support services for Nagios Log Server. You can audit your IT infrastructure, maintain historical records of usage of IT infrastructure, create reports and analyze logs using the Nagios Log Server. Altnix provides the expertise to create a Log management solution using the Nagios Log Server.


Collecting Logs using Nagios Log Server

Altnix can implement Nagios Log Server for collecting logs from a variety of data sources including the following

  • Operating System logs from Windows and Linux machines
  • Syslogs from different devices, applications, and databases
  • Event Logs such as Windows Event Logs
  • Application Specific Logs such as IIS, Tomcat Apache, and other enterprise applications
  • Database logs from industry standard databases such as Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostGRE SQL, Maria DB, Big Data source etc
  • Logs from any generic log source files

Auditing and Querying

Altnix can implement Nagios Log Server, you can meet following requirements on Audit and Compliance:

  • Generate Audit reports from Logs
  • Identify how each application, database or operating system is being affected by users
  • Using queries create reports for specific Audit requirements
  • Create dashboards that will help in Auditing
  • Generate Database Audit Reports, Application Audit reports, and Website Audit reports

Compliance Requirements

Altnix can customize your Nagios Log Server to identify if you are compliant with different regulations :

  • Compliance to ISO Standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 27000
  • Compliance to government regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX
  • Meet requirements around management, maintenance and archival of Logs in your IT infrastructure

Log Monitoring

Altnix can implement log monitoring using Nagios Log server and other Nagios products:

  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Monitor unauthorized access to applications, systems and databases
  • Monitor for any regular expressions in your logs
  • Create email alters based on Log Monitoring policies and send to an admin

Integration with Nagios XI and Nagios Core

Altnix can integrate Nagios Log Server with Nagios XI and Nagios Core.

  • Create service checks in Nagios XI using pattern matches on Nagios Log Server
  • Generate alerts and email notifications based on IT policy and Security Policy
  • Provide escalation as per business processes using Nagios XI or Nagios Core and Nagios Log Server.

Nagios Log Server Consulting Services

Altnix offer the following services for Nagios Log Server

  • Consulting for overall solution using Nagios Log Server and other Nagios products
  • Complete architecture design
  • Cluster Implementation for large scale deployments
  • Compliance Reports and Audit Reports as per business requirements
  • Integration with Nagios products
  • 24x7 Support AMC and Maintenance services

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1-800-913-5553 or +91-70-4524-1620 or +91-88-9800-8789

Disclaimer: Nagios Log Server is trademark that belongs to Nagios Enterprises. Altnix does not claim any trademarks related to Nagios. Please refer to for more information on Nagios products.

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