Flyve Mobile Device Manager (MDM) Consulting Services

Altnix is an official partner for Flyve MDM mobile device management software from Teclib. Our team can help you implement Flyve MDM for your organization. We provide consulting, implementation, support and 24x7 Annual Maintenance contracts (AMC) services on Flyve MDM for you.


Flyve MDM Consulting Services

Based on the business analysis conducted earlier, our consultants will design a solution architecture around Flyve MDM :

  • High Level Solution design using Flyve MDM
  • Identify other open source products for completing your business needs (example: GLPi Asset Management, OCS Inventory, Chat Server, SMS service, project management tool, Reporting Engine)
  • Identify areas of integration between Flyve MDM and third party tools if needed
  • Provide sizing and configuration details for server and related hardware

Flyve MDM Implementation Services

Altnix provides implementation and customization services for Flyve MDM Asset Management:

  • Out of the box implementation
  • Installation and setup of basic Flyve MDM
  • Template design and custom fields
  • Customization of workflows an screens in Flyve MDM
  • Custom branding and logo on relevant screens in Flyve MDM
  • Plugins and open source community add-ons
  • Complete Module development

Flyve MDM in the Cloud

Flyve MDM can be installed in public cloud such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Altnix can provide complete setup of Flyve MDM on these cloud platforms. Additionally Altnix can help customers provision Flyve MDM on private cloud on any data center in the world.

24x7 Flyve MDM Support Services

Altnix provides 24x7 support services to cater to different time zones across the world. With 24x7 support customers get predictable response times and resolution times as per pre-defined service level agreements.

  • Business Hours Support
  • 24x7 Support Services
  • Response times as short as 30 minutes based on your SLA levels
  • Resolution times based on your SLA levels

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Altnix offers choice of annual maintenance contracts to customers who are eager to customers who need professional support services.

  • On-call maintenance contracts
  • Shared maintenance contracts with pre-defined hours of support
  • Dedicated support team for large enterprise requirements

 Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1-800-913-5553 or +91-70-4524-1620 or +91-88-9800-8789 for more details.

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