Consulting Services for Prometheus Monitoring

Altnix offers Managed services including consulting, implementation, customization and AMC support  for Prometheus Monitoring tool. Altnix team of experts can provide you with end to end architecture design, deployment and 24x7 maintenance support for new or existing monitoring framework using Prometheus. Altnix can be your technology partner for all Prometheus based monitoring projects.

Prometheus Business Analysis and Architecture Design

Altnix provides business analysis and architecture design for Prometheus and related products around end to end IT infrastructure monitoring. Prometheus architecture design includes the following:

  • In-Depth Analysis of your monitoring requirements and scope study
  • Hardware Sizing Guidelines and choice of physical versus virtual hardware on Prometheus
  • Solution Design Document with Prometheus that can be handed over to engineers for implementation
  • Future Roadmap for evolution of Prometheus bsaed monitoring infrasructure

Prometheus Implementation and Deployment

Altnix will implement Prometheus based monitoring solutions keeping in mind the business requirements. Implementation includes the following:

  • Hardware Readiness and Preparation for Prometheus
  • Prometheus tool isntallation and resolution of dependencies
  • Development and Implementation of Monitoring Items
  • Alert Management in Prometheus
  • Integration with Visualization Tools like Grafana or ELK Stack
  • UAT sign off after consultation with customer
  • Production Implementation and Go Live
  • Documentation and Handover

Prometheus Customization

Altnix will customize your Prometheus installation so that it is a better fit to your business environment.

  • Adding new exporters and plugins for Prometheus
  • Developing new Exporters and Plugins with Prometheus
  • Monitoring Network Devices and Servers using Prometheus
  • Monitoring Applications and Databases with Prometheus
  • Monitoring Virtual Infrastructure and Containers with Prometheus

Third Party Integration

Altnix will integrate Prometheus with other third party tools to meet several business use cases.

  • Ticketing systems such as LANDesk, BMC Remedy, Zendesk, and OTRS
  • Network Management and Orchestrator tools such as StackStorm, Ansible, Chef and Puppet
  • CRM and ERP tools


24x7 AMC Support Services

Altnix offer 24x7 support services on an AMC or per hour basis for new or existing installations on Prometheus. Our team of experts are available round the clock and respond to you within a pre-defined SLA.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1-800-913-5553 or +91-70-4524-1620 or +91-88-9800-8789

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