Fidessa Monitoring Using Nagios

Nagios can be used for Monitoring Fidessa Trading applications. Fidessa is a leading application that is used by financial institutions across the world to manage their investment life cycle end to end. Getting real-time performance data is vital since even a few seconds of delay could mean significant impact on the trading. Nagios monitoring tool can be used to monitor real time performance on Fidessa Application.

IT Hardware Utilization Monitoring

With Nagios, you can monitoring IT hardware utilization in terms of CPU, RAM, and Disk Space for the Fidessa Application. Such monitoring gives an initial understanding of how the underlying IT hardware is impacting Fidessa application performance.

Fidessa Application Performance Metrics

Nagios can be used to measure more in-depth performance metrics for the Fidessa applications such as process utilization, application latency, operating system parameters, and impact of variable user workloads. Such metrics provides extra depth into the performance of Fidessa application.

Failure Alerts

Using Nagios, we can setup alerts to be received by business owners and IT heads of failures even before they occur. Nagios sends alerts based on critical usage parameters such as CPU and RAM so that the IT team can prevent these failures by taking action based on these alerts.

Capacity Planning

Based on current usage patterns, Nagios gives an extrapolation into future usage trends. Now you can know whether your current IT hardware setup can handle the load if transactions increase in the future. Capacity planning feature in Nagios is a useful tool for being proactive about your IT infrastructure needs as business scales up

End to End IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Other than Fidessa, Nagios can be used as a centralized monitoring tool that can monitor all elements of the IT infrastructure including Network Devices, Servers, Operating Systems, Data Bases, Applications and Data Center Environment Sensors.

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