Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions

The IT infrastructure is the backbone for businesses in creating and delivering products and services. For typical Enterprises that operate on a global scale, the IT infrastructure can be complex. Such Enterprises are very dependent on the quality and reliability of the IT infrastructure for their regular business operations. Infrastructure monitoring enables CIOs and CTOs to make a real-time assessment of the entire infrastructure and predict IT infrastructure failures.

Benefits of Infrastructure Monitoring


search Visibility in to your Infrastructure: Infrastructure Monitoring provides a 360 degree of your entire infrastructure. You can identify performance bottlenecks, predict failures before they occur and identify source of an issue quickly with the help of monitoring 

Real-Time Awareness: Infrastructure monitoring can provide real time alerts on issues as they arise. Hence you have a real-time awareness of your entire infrastructure. This is very useful in many time-critical businesses such as financial institutions and e-commerce portals where even a few minutes of downtime can affect business adversely.


Business Continuity: Infrastructure Monitoring allows you to respond to issues faster than non-monitored infrastructure since you know exactly the source of the issue and real-time awareness. Business continuity is much higher due to infrastructure monitoring.

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Increased Productivity: With infrastructure monitoring solutions, you can predict IT failures even before they occur and take corrective actions. You can also setup automatic recovery of applications and processes which implies higher productivity from your infrastructure.

 chart Capacity Planning for Future: Infrastructure monitoring allows you to understand workloads on your infrastructure. You can further extrapolate your IT requirements based on current usage trends and your business goals. Hence you have a tool for capacity planning such that you can be ready for the future.


Complete Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions

Altnix has capability to build complete monitoring solution for your business. Whether you are running a financial organization, a complex data centre, an e-commerce portal, a complex logistics company or a complex network of data exchange operations, Altnix can build an infrastructure monitoring solution for you.


On-Premises Monitoring Solution

  • Monitoring Solution Implemented inside customer premises
  • Customer must purchase software licenses
  • Customer must invest in IT Infrastructure for monitoring
  • Traditional software model
  • Optimized for each customer environment
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Consulting Services

Altnix team of experts will work with you to understand your IT infrastructure as well as your business requirements. We then recommend a monitoring framework for overall architecture, hardware and software deployment options as well as business process integration around monitoring.

Implementation Services

Based on your business needs, we implement a complete monitoring system. Our implementation service includes operating system level tuning, monitoring software installation and configuration, definition of issue escalation matrixes and alerting system as per business process requirements. We also setup service checks, reports, graphs and dashboards as per customer requirements.

Advanced Customization Services

Our solution is completely customizable to include advanced monitoring aspects such as environmental sensors monitoring, interface with other system tools such as ticketing systems and third party databases. Altnix can provide advanced customization services for your business requirements.

24x7 Network Operations Center

Altnix runs its own in-house 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) for customers who require on-going support and management of the monitoring solutions. Our 24x7 NOC provides a cost effective alternative for customers who don't need to invest in their own internal IT personnel.

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