Managed PostgreSQL Database

Altnix provides managed services for PostgreSQL database. With the managed PostgreSQL offering from Altnix, customers get ready to use PostgreSQL instance with uptime guarantee. Altnix team takes care of database management, daily database maintenance activities, database backup tasks, upgrades and patch management of the PostgreSQL database.

24x7 Monitoring of PostgreSQL

With our managed services you get 24x7 pro-active monitoring for each and every database instance on PostgreSQL. Our NOC team is constantly monitoring your PostgreSQL DB instance for any failures or performance issues. In case of unexpected failures and incidents, our team quickly gets into action to remedy the incident and return the database to normal.

Monitoring tool is provided free of cost as part of our managed services.

PostgreSQL Daily Maintenance Activities

The following activities are performed by our team on a regular basis as needed by the application owners.

  • Database Re-Install
  • Patches and Minor Upgrades
  • OS Level Tuning for DB
  • Index Maintenance
  • Log Tracing as needed for Application Team
  • Fixing DB Corruption
  • Fixing Broken Tables

PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery

Our team takes care of backup of all database both locally and remotely to ensure you have multiple levels of redundancy to fall back on in case of database crashes and failures.

  • Plan Backup strategy for DB
  • Restore from earlier backup in case of DB Crashes
  • Restore complete or partial DB crash
  • Long term Archival

PostreSQL Uptime Guarantee

With our managed services we guarantee uptimes for your PostgreSQL database isntances.

  • Daily Troubleshooting
  • Resolving Authentication and Login Issues
  • Resolving Database not available issues
  • Database connectivity issues to Application or Middleware

PostgreSQL Performance Management

As part of our managed services we also provide insights into database performaing using our monitoring tool. In case of performance issues, we provide following services:

  • RCA Analysis on Performance Issues
  • Fix simple Performance issues related to DB
  • Optimize Memory, Cache settings for performance
  • Work with Application team on making changes to DB
  • Provide recommendations to Middleware and Application team

Advanced PostgreSQL Managed Services

The following advanced services for PostgreSQL are available at additional charge based on scope of work involved:

  • Database Table and Schema Design
  • Code Review and Database Query Optimization
  • Application Level Guidance
  • High Availability for PostgreSQL
  • Clustering for PostgreSQL
  • Replication for PostgreSQL
  • Disaster Recovery for PostgreSQL
  • In Depth Database Optimization


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