IT Infrastructure Automation

Automation of IT infrastructure leads to higher operational efficiency, lower infrastructure disruptions, lower human errors and eventually cost savings on the operational expenditures. Altnix provides a set of tools and expertise to implement end to end IT infrastructure automation for Small, Medium and Large enterprises.

Automation Overview

A typical IT infrastructure consists of on-premise infrastructure and cloud infrastructure. Different business applications will be running on this infrastructure. The objective of any automation exercise if to ensure that there is maximum availability of all critical business services and applications.

itinfrastructure automation


Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring provides with the tools to detect problems and failures in your infrastructure. Based on the monitoring alarms and events, you can now do remediation and fix issues in your infrastructure without human intervention using automation tools

Hardware Automation

Hardware automation techniques are used for provisioning, configuring and managing hardware infrastructure with a goal to streamlining day to day operations. This includes System Operations, Network Operations, Configuration and Provisioning with a tie in to automated workflows.

StackStorm Automation Tool

Software Automation

Hardware automation techniques are used for deploying applications and managing applications with a goal to streamlining day to day operations. This includes DevOps, Release Management, Repo Management, and continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI / CD).

StackStorm Automation Tool

Support Operations

Providing efficient support within Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are the key goals of any support operations. This includes Help Desk, Chat Operations, and IT Service Management (ITSM) components.

StackStorm Automation Tool

Security Management

Entire automation life cycle must be managed within the parameters of security constraints. Hence the automation tools must provide for identity and access management with auditing capabilities.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

While performing automation tasks, there will be analytics and business intelligence reports generated that will provide key insights into correlation between IT infrastructure components and impact on final business service availability.

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