About Us

Altnix is an agile company with focus on managed services, open source solutions and consulting-to-maintenance approach to our portfolio. We take care of the customer and guarantee cost-effective solutions. Combined with value-centric approach to service delivery and customer intimacy, Altnix introduces a new paradigm of IT services.


Altnix was started with one single vision in mind:

"Make technology accessible to SMEs and Enterprises looking for ways to simplify their businesses and increase productivity."

Technology is becoming more complex than before. We believe that there is a need to simplify technology and to make it more readily consumable by customers- big or small.

Core Values

  • Integrity: Never mislead a customer, never underestimate the customer, and never misuse an opportunity
  • Competence: Articulate your skills, Expand your core capabilities and outdo customer expectations
  • Efficiency: Place a premium on customer's time, money and resources


Management Team

Altnix is founded by experienced hands from the Information and Technology industry that have worked at Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Siebel, SAP and Intel. The management team has decades of experience in defining new technology products, delivering technology to customers across US, Europe, Asia and Middle East, and satisfying business needs.

Altnix now has a global presence with offices in USA, India and Middle East.



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