CMDB and Asset Management in OTRS 5

Managing IT Infrastructure Assets such as Hardware and Software for a large organization becomes very challenging without a robust CMDB and Asset Management tool. The ITSM module in OTRS 5 has a CMDB that can be used for maintaining a complete inventory of all IT infrastructure items. The CMDB allows creating new configuration items (CI), defining relationships and dependencies between CIs and linking CIs to Tickets and other ITSM features in OTRS 5. Altnix provides consulting, implementation and support services for CMDB and Asset Management in OTRS 5.


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Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB)

OTRS 5 has a comprehensive CMDB that provides flexibility for managing Assets and other configuration items (CI) in your IT infrastructure.

OTRS 5 provides the following classes of Configuration Items (CI) with a default template.

  • Computer
  • Hardware
  • Location
  • Network
  • Software

Figure 1 shows more details of the type of Configuration items included within these classes.


 Video on CMDB and Asset Management in OTRS


Custom CI Classes

In addition to the standard CI classes shown above, OTRS 5 allows you to create custom CI Classes using backend programming and customization. These custom CI classes could be any tangible or non-tangible asset with configuration attributes that need to recorded and maintained.

Links and Relationship between CI Items

OTRS 5 allows you to define links and relationship between different CI items inside the CMDB. For example: you can link CPU, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse used by a particular end user. This linking is vital to maintain logical groupings of assets and inventory items.

Using CMDB for ITSM in OTRS 5

The CMDB and Asset Management feature is well integrated with other modules in OTRS 5 including incident management, process management, change management, service management and reporting.

With appropriate configuration and customizations, OTRS 5 can be used as the Asset Management tool for large organization with complex requirements around Asset and Inventory Management.

CMDB and Asset Management Consulting for OTRS 5

Altnix provides consulting and implementation on process management in OTRS 5. This includes workflow definition, converting workflows to a process in OTRS, implementing this process in OTRS and training to end users and administrators on how to use the new processes in OTRS.

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