Windows to Linux Migration Services

Linux based operating systems have lower cost of ownership compared to Windows based systems. Many organizations are adopting Linux as the preferred choice for their entire IT infrastructure including Desktops, Servers and Applications. During this adoption, migration of your IT infrastructure from Windows based systems to Linux based systems can be a challenge. Altnix specializes in migrating legacy Windows based systems to Linux system and other open source equivalent products.


Business Benefits

  • Reduced Cost of Ownership: Linux based systems have usually lower costs since most Linux operating systems don’t have license cost. Migrating from Windows to Linux immediately eliminates both upfront and recurring license costs.
  • Open Source Flexibility: In addition to the operating system, customers can migrate from Windows based applications to Open Source applications such as Zimbra Mail, Open Source Authentication Framework, and Open Source ERP products, which in turn leads to flexibility for customer when working with these products.
  • Future Planning Made Easy: Linux and other open source products are supported by a wide community of active developers and partners that anticipate the need of the future and incorporate feature into their code without any vendor specific code lock-in. Hence making quick changes to your IT infrastructure roadmap is easy. You don’t have to wait for the vendor to release a specific feature, you can write your own code if needed!

Windows Desktop Migration to Linux Desktops

Altnix can migrate legacy Microsoft Windows based desktops to Linux environments using a proven methodology that ensures minimum disruption to your existing business processes and applications. We have expertise in all variants of Linux including Cent OS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and SUSE Linux. We choose the right operating system that meets your business needs.

Microsoft Office Migration to Open Source Productivity Suite

Migrating the operating system alone is not sufficient. The next important requirement for customers is to migrate the office productivity suite to an equivalent open source application. Altnix guides the customer on the right choice of productivity application between Libre Office, Open Office, Star Office or Kingsoft that fits the customer requirements best. Of course, we implement the migration on behalf of the customer.

Windows Based Server Migration to Linux Based Servers

Servers based on Windows Operating systems and Database based on MS SQL are expensive. Hence we suggest alternatives for customers including Cent OS, Ubuntu or RHEL for Server operating systems and My SQL or PostGre SQL for database choice. With help from Altnix, customers can migrate their servers to open source technology stack.

Microsoft Exchange Migration to Zimbra Mail

Zimbra Community Edition is an excellent open source alternative for Microsoft Exchange Mail server. Altnix team have years of experience in deploying and managing Zimbra based mail solutions. Hence our team is able to migrate your Microsoft Exchange server to an equivalent Zimbra Mail server implementation.

Microsoft Active Directory Migration to Open Source Authentication

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is the most common authentication framework used by companies across the world. Migrating this to an equivalent open source authentication platform such as FreeIPA or Samba domain controller helps remove dependency on Windows platform. Altnix has implemented open source authentication framework that works across Linux and Windows based systems.

Microsoft Based ERP Applications Migration to Open Source ERP

Common Microsoft ERP applications such as Dynamics and Navision can be migrated to equivalent Open Source ERP applications. Altnix has experience in such ERP migrations from Microsoft platforms to open source alternatives.

Open Source Customization

In addition to standard products mentioned above, Altnix can customize your entire IT infrastructure using Open Source technologies that provide a best fit architecture at lowest price points for your organization. This includes custom hardware, custom operating system kernels and custom open source applications.

Top Class Training and Support

During the migration process, our team of experts are always available to guide your organization on learning new open source technology and becoming equally productive on those technologies. Training and On-Going Support is a big differentiator for the migration services from Altnix.

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