Nagios IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Altnix offers complete IT infrastructure monitoring based on Nagios XI and other Nagios suite of products. Our team offers consulting, implementation, an 24x7 support services for Nagios XI and other related Nagios products.

Nagios Authorized Reseller

NagiosAuthorizedReseller-105x105  We are an Nagios Authorized Reseller. We offer consulting, implementation, support and training services for Nagios products. 

Infrastructure Monitoring with Nagios XI 5

Nagios is the industry standard across the world for IT infrastructure Monitoring. Based on Open Source technology, Nagios offers monitoring for the complete infrastructure including servers, network devices, applications, and services.

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Nagios Products

Nagios provides a set of products that cover all the requirements around infrastructure monitoring including distributed monitoring, network analysis and incident management.

Nagios XI 5

Nagiox XI 5 is the monitoring tool that lets you monitor your entire IT infrastructure. With Nagios XI, you can spot problems before they occur or know immediately when problems arise. Nagios XI provides performance charts, usage trends, and availability reports on the infrastructure, applications and services. Nagios XI helps improve your business continuity and increases productivity of your entire IT infrastructure. Pricing for Nagios XI 5 starts at $1,995. Read More..

Nagios Network Analyzer

Nagios Network Analyzer provides analytics and usage trends in the network including bandwidth utlization and network efficient. Nagios Network Analyzer improves network awareness. Network Analyzer can evaluate infrastructure efficiency. Further Network Analyzer can detect security breaches and unauthorized access including viruses and malware Network Analyzer can alert you of abnormal network activity. Using Network Analyzer reduces network downtime and hence minimizes business losses arising from network outages. Pricing for Network Analyzer starts at $995. Read More..

Nagios Fusion

Nagios Fusion provides a centralized dashboard for distributed monitoring deployments. Fusion is the right tool for organizations with global presence that need local monitoring as well as a centralized view of the entire global infrastructure. Nagios Fusion is very scalable and provides access control rights for administrators at different levels. Nagios Fusion is ideal for large manage service providers since it offers a view of distributed server networks. Pricing for Nagios Fusion starts at $995. Read More..

Nagios Log Server

Nagios Log Server is a generic software that can collect logs from a variety of data sources including the Operating System, Applications Logs, Database Logs, Event Logs, and Syslgos. Nagos Log Server can be used for log collection and archivals. Queries can be built for searching specific log patterns and alerts can be created from specific log types or queries. Nagios Log server is a valuable tool for forensics, compliance, auditing and monitoring use cases. Nagios log server starts at $1,995. Read More

Nagios Mobile Client

Nagios Mobile Client provides a mobile application that can be loaded on iPhone and Android based smartphones. The mobile client provides anytime, anywhere access to Nagios XI and Nagios Fusion servers. Mobile client allows administrators to respond to issues even when they are traveling or at home. Nagios Client is free to download and use. Read More..

Nagios Consulting Services

Altnix offers consulting services for Nagios product implementation. We provide guidance around overall monitoring solution framework, architecture design, hardware sizing guidelines and choice of Nagios products to fit your business needs.

Nagios Implementation and Customization Services

Altnix also provides implementation and customization services for Nagios products. Our team has deep expertise in deploying and managing Nagios based monitoring solutions for small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

24x7 Support for Nagios

Altnix offers 24x7 anytime, anywhere support for Nagios product implementations. Our team of experts can support your Nagios based monitoring solution on an annual maintenance contract (AMC) basis.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1-800-913-5553 or +91-70-4524-1620 or +91-88-9800-8789 for more details.

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