Starts at $9 Per Month

Bullet-yellow     Server Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     Windows Server
Bullet-yellow     Linux Server
Bullet-yellow     Solaris Server
Bullet-yellow     AIX Server
Bullet-yellow     Server Uptime
Bullet-yellow     Server Performance
Bullet-yellow     24x7 Pro-Active Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     Alerts via Email


Starts at $29 Per Month

Bullet-yellow     MySQL DB
Bullet-yellow     PostGRE SQL DB
Bullet-yellow     Oracle DB
Bullet-yellow     MS SQL DB
Bullet-yellow     Sybase DB
Bullet-yellow     Database Server Metrics
Bullet-yellow     Database Performance
Bullet-yellow     Database Query Monitor
Bullet-yellow     24x7 Pro-Active Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     Alerts via Email


Starts at $39 Per Month

Bullet-yellow     Firewall Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     Switch Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     Router Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     Link Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     SAN Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     Storage Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     Uptime Metrics
Bullet-yellow     Bandwidth Metrics
Bullet-yellow     24x7 Pro-Active Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     Alerts via Email


Starts at $49 Per Month

Bullet-yellow     Windows Applications
Bullet-yellow     Java Applications
Bullet-yellow     Web Applications
Bullet-yellow     ERP Applications
Bullet-yellow     Custom Applications
Bullet-yellow     Uptime Metrics
Bullet-yellow     Performance Metrics
Bullet-yellow     24x7 Pro-Active Monitoring
Bullet-yellow     Alerts via Email

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

Altnix provides an unique offering of Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) for the entire infrastructure assets on a monthly pay-per-use model. Monitoring as a service (MaaS) is ideal for businesses who have simple monitoring requirements and who are looking for a cost effective monitoring solution to support their business needs.


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How does Monitoring as a Service work?

Altnix will host the complete monitoring infrastructure in the Cloud. Altnix will configure the applications, services and hosts that need to be monitored for the customer. Once the initial configuration is done, Altnix provide a user login and a dashboard that allows customer to look at this infrastructure assets that are being monitored.

maas overview

What Services are provided as part of MaaS?

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) offers the unique benefit of effective infrastructure asset monitoring at lowest cost of ownership.

cloud upload  Cloud Based Monitoring Infrastructure: The entire monitoring infrastructure is deployed in the cloud. The cloud infrastructure is robust and reliable compared to on-premise infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure also provides anytime, anywhere access to monitoring information that helps respond to issues quicker
id card Personalized Monitoring Dashboards: Altnix will provide customers access to the monitoring software through a personalized dashboard. Email escalations, SMS alerts and Reports can be customized as per the requirements of each customer.
dollar currency sign Pay Per Use Model : Monitoring as a Service follows the SaaS model of payment where you have flexible pay per use payment options. This offering is ideal for customers who are looking to minimize their capital expenditures on a monitoring solution. Customers get access to leading edge moitoring solution with minimal upfront investment.
users Implementation and Configuration Outsourced :  With Monitoring as a Service, Altnix team will implement the monitors, service checks and escalation workflow on behalf of the customer. Customer just needs to provide their business requirements to our team which will take care of the technical complexities around implementation and configuration
headphones World Class Support: Altnix has a 24x7 network operations center (NOC) that provides email and phone support for customers across the world. Our team will help resolve critical issues for the customer and maintain business continuity on an on-going basis.


What assets can be monitored using MaaS?

Using Monitoring as a service (MaaS), Altnix can monitor servers, network devices, operating systems, databases, storage devices, applications, and virtual infrastructure.

Servers and Systems Monitoring

Server Monitoring provides insights into the reliability of the server hardware such as Uptime, CPU, Memory and Storage. Server monitoring is an essential tool in determining functional and performance failures in the infrastructure assets. Read More..

Database Monitoring

Database monitoring on a proactive basis is necessary to ensure that databases are available for supporting business processes and functions. Database monitoring also provides performance analysis and trends which in turn can be used for fine tuning the database architecture and queries, thereby optimizing the database for your business requirements. Read More..

Network Monitoring

Network availability and network performance are two critical parameters that determine the successful utilization of any network – be it a LAN, MAN or WAN network. Disruptions in the network affect business productivity adversely and can bring regular operations to a standstill. Network monitoring provides pro-active information about network performance bottlenecks and source of network disruption. Read more..

Storage Monitoring

A reliable storage solution in your network ensures anytime availability of business critical data. Storage monitoring for SAN, NAS and RAID storage devices ensures that your storage solution are performing at the highest levels. Storage monitoring reduces downtime of storage devices and hence improves availability of business data. Read more..

Applications Monitoring

Applications Monitoring provides insight into resource usage, application availability and critical process usage for different Windows, Linux and other open source operating systems based applications. Applications Monitoring is essential for mission critical applications that cannot afford to have even a few minutes of downtime. With Application Monitoring, you can prevent application failures before they occur and ensure smooth operations. Read more..

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring for any cloud infrastructure such as Amazon or Rackspace gives information about resource utilization and performance in the cloud. While cloud infrastructure is expected to have higher reliability than on-premise infrastructure, quite often resource utilization and performance metrics are not well understood in the cloud. Cloud monitoring provides insight into exact resource usage and performance metrics that can be used for optimizing the cloud infrastructure. Read More..

Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring

Virtual Infrastructure based on common hypervisors such as ESX, Xen or Hyper-V provides flexibility to the infrastructure deployment and provides increased reliability against hardware failures. Monitoring virtual machines and related infrastructure gives information around resource usage such as memory, processor and storage. Read More..

What kind of support will I get for MaaS?

Altnix operates its own Network Operations Center (NOC) that provides 24x7 monitoring of your assets using the monitoring software dashboard. You don’t need to invest in any NOC team on your side. Altnix’s team will follow escalation matrix provided by you with email and SMS alerts. For critical issues, our NOC team will make a phone call to the business owner identified by you.

Do I need to purchase any software licenses?

No. MaaS is offered as a pay-per-use on a monthly basis.


Please contact us for more details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1-800-913-5553 (US) or +91-70-4524-1620 or +91-88-9800-8789.

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