Managed Private Cloud

Private Cloud is ideal for enterprise customers looking for virtualized infrastructure with additional security and control over their cloud infrastructure. Altnix can design and deploy private cloud internal to an organization. Alternatively Altnix can deploy private cloud hosted at a data centre that is separated and secured from remaining data centre environment.

Business Benefits of Private Cloud


bar chart  Security and Control: Private cloud infrastructure is secured behind dedicated firewall or demilitarized zone (DMZ) that provides security and control over your private cloud infrastructure. The private cloud infrastructure is not shared with any other customer. Hence there is no risk of data intrusion from other customers in the private cloud architecture
 like Easier Compliance: Many industry verticals such as Health Care, Government, Banking and Financial Institutions have stringent regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI and FIPS compliance. In such scenarios, having a private cloud architecture for sensitive data is a must have to fulfil regulatory requirements around compliance. Compliance specific considerations can be easily incorporated into the private cloud architecture thereby making it simpler to meet the compliance related requirements.
 puzzle  Increased Availability and Uptime Guarantee: All private cloud architectures incorporate virtualization technologies. Such virtualization technologies provide protection against failures of a specific hardware infrastructure. In addition, private cloud is usually couple with a disaster recovery (DR) solution that offers close to 100% uptime guarantee of all critical data and applications.

On Premise Private Cloud

On-Premise Private Cloud is an option available for enterprise class level customers who have critical applications and data that need to be kep within the premises . On-Premise private cloud can be built using different virtualization platforms such as VMWare, Xen or Hyper-V as needed by the customer. Altnix has designed and deployed private cloud architectures for several customers.

Hosted Private Cloud

Private Cloud can be hosted in a data centre to provide centralized access to data and applications for a broader audience such as end customers or partners. In scenarios such as payment card transactions, secure financial transactions from millions of point of sale (POS) terminals across the world need to be aggregated and processed at a data centre in a secure manner. Hosted Private Cloud is the only option that satisfies such requirements. Altnix has designed and deployed such hosted private cloud infrastructure solutions.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution Options

Private Cloud offerings can be combined with Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions to further enhance availability and uptime of critical applications and data. Using DR solution guarantees close to 100% uptime for all mission critical applications. Learn More..

Private Cloud Architecture Design and Deployment

Altnix provides end to end solution expertise for private cloud requirements. This includes architecture design, choice of hypervisor platform, hardware design recommendations, operating system recommendation, and finally actual implementation of the entire private cloud solution.

24x7 Private Cloud Management

Altnix provides 24x7 support through its network operations centre (NOC) that provide email and phone support. The 24x7 help desk delivers world class support with pre-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) based quality metrics.

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