Managed PostGre SQL Database Hosting

PostGre SQL is one of the most popular open source databases used by customers across the world. Altnix provides proactive management of PostGre SQL database. With the managed PostGre SQL hosted offering from Altnix, customers get ready to use PostGre SQL instance with uptime guarantee. Altnix team takes care of database hosting, daily database maintenance activities, database backup tasks, upgrades and patch management of the PostGre SQL database.

Benefits of Managed PostGre SQL


Database Availability and Uptime Guarantee: Managed PostGre SQL from Altnix provides you with close to 100% uptime and availability guarantee. Our team of experts ensure that the PostGre SQL is always available for all your business critical applications. Our NOC team addresses database downtime related issues and brings the PostGre SQL database back online immediately to ensure business continuity.

 settings Performance Analysis and Tuning:Our team of experts are always monitoring the performance of your PostGre SQL instances on a 24x7 basis. Our team gives valuable insights into real-time performance of your databases and provides recommendations on how you can tune to match the workloads you see in production environments. Altnix also implements several performance tuning techniques to ensure that you are getting the best out of your PostGre SQL instance.
 like Peace of Mind Assurance: Altnix manages the PostGre SQL database on an daily basis using our 24x7 operations desk. Altnix takes care of database upgrades, patching, user management, data backup operations, incident response and incident management and regular database management tasks. You get peace of mind assurance from Altnix team on running a well-managed PostGre SQL database.

PostGre SQL Database Design and Deployment

Altnix provides consulting services around PostGre SQL architecture options. Altnix team can design and implement single server instance of PostGre SQL or multiple instances of PostGre SQL. Altnix also has experience in Cluster architecture for PostGre SQL deployments. Altnix handles installation and system configuration of PostGre SQL deployments.

Enterprise Grade PostGre SQL Hosting Services

Altnix provides PostGre SQL hosting services at a secure, Level 4 data centre. Our hosting services are reliable, secure and scalable. With Altnix hosting services, you get an enterprise grade hosting infrastructure backbone. We can create Private cloud architecture or a complete high-availability deployment with multi-data centre disaster recovery options if needed for the customer.

On-Going Database Management and Maintenance

Altnix provides regular database management and maintenance activities including the following

  • 24x7 Management using our network operations centre (NOC)
  • Database Health Monitoring
  • Database Performance analysis and tuning
  • Daily Data Backup management activities
  • On-Going maintenance tasks on a regular basis
  • Patches, Hot Fixes and Upgrades on the PostGre SQL database
  • Incident Management and Incident Resolution
  • Reporting on Database usage and other useful business metrics
  • Database uptime guarantee and availability as per pre-defined SLA

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1-800-913-5553 or +91-70-4524-1620 or +91-88-9800-8789 for more details.

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