Altnix Launches Training Courses for Nagios

May 15th, 2014:Altnix has launched training courses for Nagios – the industry leader in IT infrastructure monitoring. With these training courses, industry professionals can upgrade their skills on Nagios and increase productivity of their 24x7 monitoring desk.

Nagios is the number one tool for infrastructure monitoring in the world that can monitor end to end infrastructure within a single tool including Servers, Network Devices, Storage Devices, Applications, and Databases. Nagios provides enterprise grade features including Configuration Wizards, Dashboards, Views, Real-time Alerts, Reports and Escalation Matrix.

While Nagios is a well known monitoring tool, there are very few vendors that provide training on Nagios. Altnix recognizes the need for training on Nagios products for industry professionals running monitoring desks on a daily basis.

“Nagios is used by many managed service providers, CTOs and IT Managers of large organizations”, said Allauddin Rehmattullah, “Nagios products are evolving rapidly with many product and feature additions. Training courses from Altnix will help CTOs and IT Managers train the IT staff and keep abreast of latest developments in Nagios”.

Altnix has years of experience in running 24x7 Monitoring Desk. Altnix also has deployed and managed Nagios based monitoring framework for small and medium enterprises and hence understands the key technical requirements from a typical Nagios user. Refer to for more details on course content.


Training courses are available for beginners as well as advanced users intending to upgrade their knowledge of Nagios products. Basic Nagios training courses start at $750 per student. These courses can be delivered by an instructor in traditional classroom setting or delivered over the internet using web conference and other online training tools.


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